NICT Beyond 5G R&D Promotion Unit


Key Technologies


The table below summarizes the key technologies that are considered necessary for Beyond 5G/6G.
This is a collection of key technologies extracted and organized based on the scenario of the future society that NICT discussed.

Ultra-High Speed & High-Capacity Wireless Communication icon

Ultra-High Speed & High-Capacity Wireless Communication

◎ Terahertz wave
◎ All-optical network
(high-capacity optical fiber communication)
◎ All-optical network
(optical and radio convergence technology)

Ultra-Low Latency and Ultra-Massive Connectivity icon

Ultra-Low Latency and Ultra-Massive Connectivity

◎ Edge computing technology
◎ Adaptive wireless network construction techniques
◎ Adaptive wireless network application technologies
◎ Technologies for autonomous localization, tracking, and reservation of radio emission space
◎ Ultra-multi-connected autonomous M2M network construction technology using ubiquitous social resources
◎ Advanced radio emulation

Wired / Wireless communication and Network Control Technology icon

Wired / Wireless communication and Network Control Technology

◎ Network control technologies (network operation automation, in-network computing)
◎ Frequency allocation and sharing management
◎ Self-operated wireless system management
(Local B5G/6G)

Multi-Layers in Wireless Systems-NTN icon

Multi-Layers in Wireless Systems-NTN

◎ Satellite and non-terrestrial communication platforms
◎ Optical satellite communications
◎ Maritime communications
◎ Underwater and submarine communications
◎ Integrated network control

Time-Space Synchronization icon

Time-Space Synchronization

◎ Wireless time-space synchronization
◎ Atomic clock chips
◎ Generating & Sharing technology for reference time

Ultra-Security and Reliability icon

Ultra-Security and Reliability

◎ Emerging security technologies
◎ Cyber security technologies based on real attack data
◎ Quantum cryptography
◎ Electromagnetic compatibility
◎ Resilient ICT

Ulitra-reality and lnnovative Applications icon

Ultra-Reality and Innovative Applications

◎ Brain information reading, visualization, and BMI technologies
◎ Intuition measurement, communication, and assurance technologies
◎ Real 3D avatars, sensory communication, and XR technology
◎ AI analysis and dialogue technology using linguistic and extra-linguistic information
◎ Simultaneous interpretation, paraphrasing, and summarization technologies for multiple languages
◎ Automated driving
◎ Drones