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City on the Moon

City on the Moon photo

People cultivating the Moon

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People cultivating the Moon photo


at Lunar Gateway


Everyone gathers in the briefing room with their favorite tumbler in one hand. This is a space station orbiting the Moon (Lunar gateway). There are only four astronauts on rotation. My boss shows a map of the lunar surface on the screen and explains the underground exploration area for today. One of the crew members speaks up.
“Today’s range is 70 percent larger than the routine exploration range, but aren’t we overworking?”

My boss answers with a strong breath.

“Yesterday, the work was completed in another construction area. There are more than 30 avatar machines from Earth. Four of them can be borrowed from those construction sites.”

After downloading the process chart and data, my boss and two crew members moved to their own pods and started connecting to the lunar avatar machine. I pour the remaining lemon tea into the exhaust duct and slide into my pod.

Future Lunar gateway photoFuture Lunar gateway

Image of Lunar Settlement and Lunar Base Development *Space-X Base α : photoImage of Lunar Settlement and Lunar Base Development *Space-X Base α :


From Lunar Gateway to Surface


If you look at the horizon, you can clearly see the boundary between the black space and the gray-brown ground. A scene that appears when you plug into an avatar machine on the Moon. Head to the construction area with my boss. Launch a large excavator and begin exploration. We check the results against the scan data from the lunar gateway, feedback the results, and optimize the exploration route.

For the rest of the crew members, today is virtual training day. Regular training is mandatory so that we can respond quickly to all possible crises on the Moon.

It seems that the Earth team has started working behind us, and the vibrations of multiple large impact drivers is transmitted to the grip arm of the lunar surface avatar and transmitted to my bare hand on the lunar gateway. It makes me feel a little ticklish when I thought that these vibrations had been converted into radio waves before they reached me.

From Lunar Gateway to Surface1

From Lunar Gateway to Surface2



From the Earth to the Moon


As I look at the horizon, I can clearly see the boundary between the black universe and the gray-brown ground. It is a familiar sight that appears when I plug into an avatar machine on the lunar surface. I head to the construction area with four avatar machines and meet up with other three avatar machines at the site. The lunar team has already started their work. They are planning their exploration route.

It is the 6G network that make the connection between myself on the Earth and this body (the avatar machine on the Moon). When I arrive at the site, I first check the communication status with the Earth. After checking the communication status, I check the autonomous navigation unit equipped with an ultra-high sensitivity inertial sensor. Even if the network is cut off, it will be able to operate safely autonomously, but this tough and expensive government supply will be suspended. It's also important to be able to track the location of avatar machines on the Moon without relying solely on communications, but with the high-precision positioning system of 6G base stations.

While operating multiple excavation machines, the team will efficiently assemble a reinforced panel with an impact driver to prevent cave-ins. A robust edge cloud network is built on the lunar surface, and the influence of communication delay is sufficiently suppressed by utilizing brain information. As a result, humans and things can silently and safely cooperate on the Moon, far away from Earth.

With today’s work time finished, I returned to the maintenance box of the avatar machine and laid myself down. I slowly unplug from the avatar machine, watching the high contrast horizon that I saw it first.

A few moments before it switches to a vision on the Earth, a rover with a 3D camera passed over my sight.

Someone must be enjoying a Moon trip on Earth.

Remote control of lunar avatars from the earth photoRemote control of lunar avatars from the earth

Remote work with lunar avatars photoRemote work with lunar avatars



On the Earth


Slowly my consciousness returns from the lunar avatar machine to myself on the ground. I stare my palm in my pod on the Earth where calming music is playing. It's a slender hand with long fingers. Just a moment ago, it had been a large dusty sooty robot arm.

Recently, a theater for broadcasting has been completed in B construction area. My nephew is going to the theater soon.

I wanted to visit the Moon with my daughter as a tourist once the underground exploration was completed and the beautiful lunar city was completed.

from the earth photo