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Beyond 5G/6G white paper


The Beyond 5G / 6G White Paper is a collection of NICT volunteers who imagined social life after 2030, drew scenarios in a narrative format, and then identified the necessary key technologies. This is the result of a cross-organizational study by NICT, a group of information and communications experts, toward the realization of the Beyond 5G / 6G world. We wish to continue discussions with you and open up a bright new world together.

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Beyond 5G/6G white paper version 0.9 (released in April 2021) (PDF:10.0MB)
pdf downloadNICT_B5G6G_WhitePaperEN_v0_9.pdf

Beyond 5G/6G white paper version 1.0 (released in August 2021) (PDF:6.0MB)
pdf downloadNICT_B5G6G_WhitePaperEN_v1_0.pdf