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B5G White Paper Summary

Beyond 5 G / 6 G, the next-generation information and communications infrastructure, is essential for achieving the SDGs and realizing Society 5.0, and it is important to define its functional structure (Figure A). In physical space, a flexible and scalable communication environment is provided by combining not only conventional terrestrial mobile networks, but also satellite networks and multi-core optical networks. In cyberspace, a variety of spaces coexist depending on application, and information processing is carried out based on accumulated past data and future forecasts.

Figure A: Overview of Functional Configurations of Beyond 5G/6G to achieve SDGs and realize Society 5.0
(Figure 2.2 in the text).

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Overview of Functional Architecture of Beyond 5G/6G photo

In the Beyond 5G/6G era, time and space will be highly controlled in both physical space and cyberspace, and the integration of two spaces will make it possible to do things that have not been possible in the physical space alone. The combination of enablers (Platform services / Basic functions) that can be implemented across the integrated physical and cyberspace is expected to provide new applications and help solve various social issues.

Chapter 3 of this white paper introduces three scenarios and several use cases that illustrate social life around 2030 to 2035. Figure B shows the images of the three scenarios: "Cybernetic Avatar Society," which depicts a society in which avatars are highly utilized ; “City on the Moon," which depicts a society in which human activities spread to the Moon ; and “Transcending Space and Time,” which depicts a society in which the limitation of space and time is transcended. The roadmap for each scenario is shown in Table C. The second half of the white paper summarizes the elemental technologies and requirements to realize the use cases, the R&D roadmap (Chapter 4), and the deployment strategy (Chapter 6).

This document is the first initiative that NICT, a group of experts in information and communication technologies, has studied for realization of the Beyond 5G/6G world. We will continue to discuss with many people based on this document, and revise this white paper as needed according to the progress of the discussion.

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Figure B: Three Scenarios of Beyond 5G/6G that envision Social Life around 2030-2035
(Figures 3.9, 3.16 and 3.23 in the text).

Cybernetic Avatar Society photoPCCybernetic Avatar Society photoSPCybernetic Avatar Society

Transcending Time and Space photoPCTranscending Time and Space photoSPTranscending Time and Space

City on the Moon photoPCCity on the Moon photoSPCity on the Moon

Table C : Expected roadmap for each scenario

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Table C : Expected roadmap for each scenario photo